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Save My Children Ministry is the inspiration of God. The vision for this Christian Ministry is a facility where those in crises may come and live for a specified amount of time according to each individual. It will be an environment of love and compassion as we aid the needs of both the mothers and the needs of the unborn babies. This facility will offer a new beginning and fresh start with the values of life established. An environment that confidentiality is strictly enforced by the staff and volunteers. Save My Children Ministry will support those that reside at this facility at no charge of any kind. Residents ( young unwed mothers, pregnant teens, homeless) will live free of charge during their stay. This Vision is also extended to those not living at the facility but are suffering an emergency crises for their infants.
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Crisis Pregnancies are of "Emergency Proportions" in this nation. If you would like to get involved in the saving of these innocent babies, please "click" on the DONATIONS button.

Every love gift helps and is tax deductible.


This crisis can be greatly reduced through your generosity. Saving a baby's life could be just a click away!


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